Saturday, March 27

A Gift to Remember..............

We were so blessed to be chosen for a family photo shoot! OneWayStreet Production was offering a contest to submit your dating/engagement story and we were so excited to win! (Andrew, aren't you so glad you had to wait for 4 years?!!) Look what it got us. :)
Here's a peak at some of our faves and the rest can be viewed in our facebook album here.
Thank you Michel & Heather for such a generous gift!

Thursday, March 25

One Crazy Cat................

A few things this funny boy has been up to.....

>made his first phone call. To daddy. Apparently he couldn't hear him from the back seat of the car.
>sent his first text. Now that takes talent!
>stood in front of the mirror, holding a remote up to his ear, "talking on the phone".
>like to run in place while giggling madly.
>I had big piece of cellophane that I gave him to keep him occupied. A little while later I discovered it. In the trash can. Apparently he is no longer entertained by trash AND knows where it belongs.
>he likes to read a book while getting his diaper changed. I guess he knows books & bottoms go together already. :)
>has discovered OUTSIDE. Whether it's playing on the deck or running through the park, this boy is in love. And does

Well, we love you, our little bundle of fun!

Sunday, March 21

It's March. And I'm Mad.

ok. not really.
but I will say I am getting totally bored with watching basketball. :)
So I got my hair cut & straightened. That's what wives are supposed to do during this Madness, right?!
I have still managed to tear the hubby away every day for a walk, as we're having GORGEOUS weather! (I just can't do it during a DUKE game!)
This was a common scene at our house this weekend.

AND, I am tied for FIRST in the Hughes family bracket. [I am really estactic about that.]

Saturday, March 13

How much fun....

can you have with a stuffed dog?
Well, if you're a particular 13-month old little boy who is playing with 2 of his favorite things ~his daddy & his favorite dog~ it is a LOT!

Wednesday, March 10

I [HEART] Makeovers....

Whether it's Design on a Dime or What Not To Wear, I love 'em!
Well, mr. blog is getting a makeover. I've been trying to do a personalized banner for like a year and since I have almost ZERO technical computer skills, it hasn't happened. Well, I just discovered that I can do a banner in powerpoint, save it as a jpeg, crop it and....wah-lah!!! Oh I am so excited! It's not perfect and still needs some tweaking in the few minutes I have here and there. I don't know how many different looks I will try before I settle on one, but this works for now and I am SO excited!!

Monday, March 8


Nothing too exciting to share, life continues to rush by, seemingly too quickly.
Just a brief peak at this past week....
Sunshine, sunshine. How we love you. The weekend and this week is beautiful and we are loving it! Sunday was a must for a family stroll with the wagon!

>Usually have company about once a week. Loving fellowshipping with a great variety of people that God has brought across our path.

>Dentist appointments

>Our weekly American Idol rondevue with J & A

>Graham had a cold most of the week. :( Somewhat hindered our socializing last week!

>Coffee date with a friend

>Date night turned into impromptu double date. Actually, I believe our first double date since G arrived. Fun time, James & Amy!

>Very excited about my freebies that arrived in my mailbox this week: 6 diapers (which takes me through 2 extra weeks!), full box of Kashi crackers, full-size bottle of 7th generation dish soap, and a free Heluva Good chip dip! I am amazed at how signing up for these things really makes a difference!

>Redeemer launched our new worship team! Included some more instruments as well as added vocalists.

>Weekend guests, the Lesters, arrived. We enjoyed a fun 2 days with them!

>Graham got a new table just his size. And he loves it!!

>Graham loves playing peek-a-boo and will put his hands over his eyes constantly! He has started stacking blocks together and is enjoying that. He is learning to eat with a spoon (which I can't wait for!) Loves sitting surrounded by books and "reading" them. He loves searching out little nooks to sit in. He wants to run! (I don't know if his brain can catch up with his feet) He may throw a tantrum if you won't share your food with him (seriously nipping that in the bud), but basically he is loving life!

God's grace & goodness to us is so good. Our hearts are full.

Monday, March 1

Goodbye, Friend [See you later]

This week I said goodbye to my dear friend from Turkey. We knew the parting was coming as they were only here for 6 months, but due to her father's illness, suddenly in a weekend she was gone. I thank God for allowing our paths to cross, and I pray they will again in the future.
Fulya - it seemed like an unusual friendship.
You were 30-something, I was 20-something.
You were an architect, I was a piano teacher.
You were a Muslim, I was a Christian.
You spoke my language (mostly!!), I did not speak yours.
But yet, our hearts formed a fast friendship.
Maybe it was because we were both stay-at-home moms now.
Maybe it was because our little boys were one month apart and we loved seeing them learn & grow & interact together.
Maybe it was because we loved doing new things.
Maybe it was because God joined our hearts together.
But I loved that you were always up for a playdate or an adventure.
We had some wonderful times - the picnic in the park, the Children's Museum, sharing Thanksgiving together, the Science Museum, celebrating all of our birthdays, dinner at your apartment, many playdates, bowling.............
I am making Andrew start saving for tickets to Istanbul now. :)
I will miss you, my friend. And, I sincerely hope, I will see you later.