Tuesday, June 30

our final week [ sniff, sniff ]

Yep, this is what our garage looks like. whew. Andrew has carried all these boxes from the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd floors himself. He said he doesn't want to make it to too hard on those who are helping us load our truck. I think the whole point is that they come to HELP us!! But I'm sure they won't be complaining. :)

I got to share a fun girls meal with some good buddies. Poor graham was outnumbered, but he survived. Sure going to miss these gals as we head out to Pittsburgh, Portland, Wisconsin, and Canada!

We decided to go down to one car, so we sold our other one on Craig's List. It hasn't posed too many hassles, but occasionally I will have to take Andrew to work if I need the car. This was one of those days and I was running around trying to get us out the door so we could stay on schedule for Graham's nap. And I walk into our room and this is what I find. I just cracked up, how could I not? I was certainly not expecting to see this! Did I mention we were running behind... :) Dads do the craziest things!
Andrew's last week as a Fed-exer!
He is not sad. :) It has been a wonderful job for us and we are so thankful for God providing it. It gave us wonderful benefits and fit Andrew's school schedule perfectly. But now, he is REALLY ready for something new and we are praying that God will provide a new job for him soon. We got to take the Dolphin Cruise that has been rained out on our anniversary. It was such a fun tourist-y thing to do and we had a great time. And did see quite a few dolphins!

I am trying to not think too much about "last time for this or that", though I do want to enjoy them. We have breakfast with these friends, lunch with those friends, last hang-out time here & there...it's a pretty full week! Even though we are THRILLED to be heading to the 'Burgh, we sure are sad to leave so many wonderful friendships & memories behind.
I can't even think about Sunday being our last at our church without the waterworks starting. Andrew will have the privilege of preaching and we will say goodbye...or I prefer to think of it as - "see ya later". Our pastor asked me if I would like to say a few words and while I would love to express how much I love my church, it would sound something like this -
I am so thankful...blubber, blubber, blubber...I could never express...blubber, blubber, blubber...yeah, I think I'll have to pass on that. But know that I love you all!!
So as I should be cleaning out cabinets right now during naptime, I better get on with it!

Friday, June 26

a few words from the g-man...

so mommy & daddy have been REALLY busy with lease-signing, job-hunting, packing, cleaning and the 101 other details that come along with moving.
but me...I've just been my ole' sweet self, chillin', nappin', eatin'...I gotta say it's a pretty good life.
last weekend was pretty cool cuz we got to celebrate my dad's first father's day. Mama & Papa Hughes came for the weekend too. It was fun to hang out with all of them. Unfortunately my mommy makes me takes naps even when they are here. But I know the fun I am missing, so I decided to only sleep for about an hour on those days...my mommy wasn't happy with me.
So on Sunday, after mama & papa left, I decided to take a 3-hour nap which allowed mommy to take a nap as well. Needless to say...I was back in her good graces. :)Happy Father's Day!


here's some of what else I've been up to...

next week I'll be five months old! mom says I have to wait until after we move to start some REAL food. But I can't wait! I'm soooo curious about what they're eating & drinking. it's soooo different from my current method... (lol. :) She did let me have a few sips of water out of her big cup which was soooo cool. yeah, I can't wait for that!

my biggest trick is that I'm getting pretty good at sitting up, especially when I have cool toys to play with...

I also like to chill in my sweet rubber-ducky tub

I graduated to this big-boy carseat. yeah...who's the man now?

my mommy got this really light and easily portable stroller for me. She thinks it will be great for buzzin' around Pittsburgh, where apparently we'll be doing a lot of walking. well, actually, my mom will be doing the work, I'll just be hanging in my sweet wheels. so last week I got to play at my friend Elyse's house. yeah, we had a pretty sweet time. She kept putting the moves on me, what can I say?? I'm not one to turn down a pretty girl. mom says I can't hold hands with girls after I turn one, so I might as well while I still can... my mom's been really busy, but I have found that all I need to do is squeal a little or flash a big smile and she'll come and play with me. (I think she's easily distracted). we have such a good time playing, going for walks, and hanging out during the day!
my mommy thinks I'm a pretty cool kid and very happy baby!

Sunday, June 21

my husband as daddy

This year I got to see my husband take on a new role as "daddy". How fun it has been to see this happen! He is such a good daddy and LOVES his little boy. His time with him is limited because of his work schedule & Graham's nap schedule, but they enjoy their playtime when they have a chance!
Although Andrew usually freaks out :) when I ask him he has to do something for the first time (i.e. change a cloth diaper, give graham a bath, baby-sit...) he has ALWAYS been willing to do it and has always been such a hands-on daddy, even despite juggling so many responsibilities!
(the song playing is one of Andrew's favorites when it comes to his little boy! unfortunately, I could only get a 30 second clip)
here are some of my favorite Graham & daddy pics!
I am already seeing some characteristics in Graham that I think he gets from his daddy...
he is SO curious about everything that is going on around him!
he may be a little bit A.D.D... :)
and he is such a happy little fella!
I am anxious to see how these will play out even more as he grows up. Most of all, I hope he loves his Jesus and has a passion to serve Him, just like his daddy.

dad, why do you have me in a box...? :)
Lord, I want to be just like You
'Cause he wants to be just like me
I want to be a holy example
For his innocent eyes to see
Help me be a living Bible, Lord
That my little boy can read
I want to be just like You
'Cause he wants to be like me
Happy first Father's day - you're an awesome dad!!
don't want to miss out on our dads either -
Happy Father's Day to you as well!

Thursday, June 18

so here's what we did

Cape Henry Lighthouse, and yes, we walked to the top!

good thing we're in good health :)
big bummer, part of Andrew's original plan - go on a dolphin-watching cruise - was canceled because of the weather. :( Apparently the ocean was too choppy. we hope to try for it another day before we move! So instead, we took the cardio intense plan B :) and drove up the shoreline and climped to the top of the Cape Henry Lighthouse. (around 200 stairs total!) it was very beautiful!
just some of the stairs!

this is the current lighthouse that is in use.

We then enjoyed walking around downtown Norfolk and then dinner at Freemason Abbey Restaurant. Then it was back to rescue our baby-sitter after 6 hours! Thank you so much, Sue, you made our day!
Freemason Abbey Restaurant - an old church that was converted.
such a fun day - thanks for a wonderful anniversary, babe, and for planning to make it so special.

Wednesday, June 17

Celebrating God's Goodness, Part 2

This week (wednesday) we are also celebrating 4 years of marriage! What a lot we have learned, enjoyed, and experienced in these few short years!

June 17, 2005
happy wedding day!
After a wonderful, beautiful honeymoon in Puerta Vallerta, Mexico, we packed up a moving truck and moved from Minneapolis to Virginia Beach.
Andrew was starting seminary, we were moving into an apartment we had never seen, and he was jobless then as well! How God provided for us in that time of some major transitions and allowed us 4 wonderful years here in VB!
1st anniversary
Sunset Dinner Cruise on the Spirit of Norfolk
2nd anniversary
weekend trip to one of our favorite cities - DC
3rd anniversary
fondue at The Melting Pot
(we had also just found out we were expecting!)
4th anniversary
a 3rd little head has joined us!!
but don't worry, we are going out child-free :) thanks to our wonderful baby-sitter!!!
Andrew took his last vacation day and has a surprise day planned!! I can't wait to see what we're doing, but no matter, what it will be special to spend a fun day together!

thankful for marriage and my best friend - we have shared so many new, fun, interesting, difficult, exciting, uncertain, and wonderful times together! Anticipating many more to come, my love.