Thursday, June 28

a beautiful wedding day

Wedding morning began with a processional from a block away.
Included the groomsman and then all my family from parents to grandparents to aunts, uncles, cousins and all.
{The groomsman & red boxes being carried are traditional gifts for the bride's family.}
the flower girls/ringbearers got to wear the traditional dress.
They looked so cute.
Boy cousins
 My family
 girl cousins
 still time to play!
and have snacks
our temporary Vietnamese kiddos. :)
They called for thunderstorms, but thankfully it ended up being a perfect day.
It was actually nice & cool which was great.
Held in Phuong's sisters backyard.
The guys did SO much work that week to prepare!
My dad & Andrew built the pergola. The stone walk was laid, my brother remodeled their basement....yes, the worker bees were in motion!
My mom made 16 throw pillows for the reception, hemmed curtains & pants, made bow ties for the ringbearers....her machine was a'humming!
But it turned out beautiful, for sure.
(Following pics by Katie O'Neil Photography.
My sis did such an amazing job - so proud of her!)
a beautiful bride

Phuong's parents
my parents & grandma

a handsome groom
love this pic - beautiful background too, Kates! 

The reception was so fun! As everyone was waiting for the first dance, G decided to go out for a 10 minute solo routine - it was hilarious. As you can tell by his face, he was intense. :)

The kiddos did great with a long, full day. Thankfully we still snuck in great naps....we left the reception about 10pm - Eden had been out on the dance floor boppin', dancing with bride, being passed around....she loved it.

We wish you a very blessed marriage, Mr. & Mrs. O'Neil!

Saturday, June 23


Taking pictures for a wedding is a big job and since a certain 3 yr. old has recently entered phase, we decided a little practice run might be good.
Did someone say pictures? Run for it!
This about sums it up.
(this was also practice to for keeping on her hair accessory!)
getting giggles.
love it.

aunt katie, take pictures behind this fence!
his faces say it all
giving important instructions, I am sure

give Eden a hug.......
oh you're right, I did mean tackle......
 mom to the rescue

 somebody enjoyed it

all in all, a pretty good practice run. :)

Friday, June 22

hanging out in Minni......

hittin' the road...
would you believe I have to beg Andrew to let me drive occasionally. (because that means he gets back-seat kiddo duty.) I only managed to squeak an hour out of him.
 But thankfully our drive was pretty uneventful and went very smoothly.
This girl did much better than I was expecting - thank you, Jesus.
The first leg was 10 hours to IL where we stayed with our friends, Tim & Christina, from college.
The kiddos were having so much fun they didn't want to leave!
But managed to leave a disaster in their wake of course. :)
 These kids grew up in NC together as well, so they go way back.
It was great to see them!
It has been a very busy week and a lot of wedding prep going on.
But we've been thankful to sneak in a few "fun's".
We met some friends for dinner at the Mall of America and were able to spend some time at the indoor amusement park there. Graham was loving it!

 He wasn't happy that "kids kept crashing into me".
I guess we failed to fully explain the concept of bumper cars.
 We are all staying at my Grandma's house...we are so thankful for her hospitality!
 This is our queen of waving.
 you guessed it.

 This contraption worked great for Graham.
And let's just say we *may* have all benefited from the bumpers. :)
 We are so, so bummed that neither my brother or his wife can be with us this weekend. But we are very happy that we get to hang out with their 3 kiddos - who are so great with G & E!
I took 4 kids to the park & store by myself - I like having a 9 yr. old. :) 

My other brother & his girlfriend live a block off of Lake Calhoun.
We had an amazing night at the beach with the MOST delicious chicken tacos and homemade chips & salsa.
All 5 kiddos + Grandma

This girl ate so much sand - seriously by the handful!
Loving our time here and being with the family.
The kids are getting tired as much as I am trying to guard naps & bedtimes.
Praying for grace for them thru friday night & Saturday.
We appreciate your continued prayers as well as for our 17 drive home on Sunday!