Thursday, November 27

Happy Thanksgiving!

We hope you all have a very blessed Thanksgiving!
Andrew has to work on friday, so we are hosting dinner today for several couples from our church. I am cooking my first 20 lb. turkey...praying that it turns out. :) We are looking forward to a fun day with our friends!
After Andrew gets off on Friday, we will head to his parent in NC for a short weekend.

Hope you have a wonderful day with family & friends!
And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus,
giving thanks to God the Father through him. Colossian 3:17

Tuesday, November 25


We are back from our trip to Minneapolis. It was a very, very, busy and eventful week! It ended with me having a massive cold :( but other than that was a lot of fun! This week is crazy busy for me and I don't think I have time to post all the pics yet. I will try to get to it sometime this week! But for now, most pics can be viewed here.

Thursday, November 13

We're off...

Saturday morning (at 4 am!!) we will leave for the airport to catch a flight to Minneapolis. We will be there for 8 days visiting lots of friends and family. We haven't seen any of my family since January, so it was been waaaayyyy to long! Can't wait! I'm sure we'll have tons of pics to post after this trip, though I may squeeze some in during the week, we'll see.

Monday, November 10

For some down time...

Andrew & I rented a very interesting movie this weekend (I think it's one of the first documentaries I have watched all the way through!) ~ Expelled, No Intelligence Allowed. It is about the battle that is going on in our country for those who advocate Intelligent Design to at least have a voice to bring up their questions. Currently, leading scientists and professors who bring up these discussions are being fired, ostracized, and excluded from the science community. It is currently available in Redbox where you can rent it for only $1! We love Redbox! Learn more about the movie here. We highly recommend it. You will be shocked at what you learn.

Mark Mathis, associate producer of EXPELLED, said, "I really hope that this helps the professors, researchers and other scientists who we met during the production of the film. Ultimately, this is a movie about freedom of speech and freedom of inquiry and the way that academic elites are trying to muzzle those that dare to question the Darwinian orthodoxy. EXPELLED exposes these self appointed gate keepers and calls upon all Americans to stand up and say enough is enough."

Friday, November 7

Facebook Update

Apparently the problem with facebook is that Andrew & I share a joint page under Andrew N Kelly. The email I received back is that a facebook page is for individual use only. I know lots of other couples that share a page, so I am not sure if they just started cracking down on this or what. I am still hoping they'll give us back our account unscathed! Another thing I learned is that facebook does not do any over the phone support. I actually received a phone number for them, but when I called they said they will only do support through email. What a pain! If I could just talk to someone on the phone I could probably get this resolved in 5 minutes. Instead I have to send emails, wait days for a response, send a reply, wait days for a response...!!
So...joint users out there...beware...they may be coming after you next!

Whatever did we do before...

For some reason our account has been disabled! We are trying to find out why and hopefully get it fixed. It would be such a bummer to start over again. I would be mostly sad about losing all the pictures we have on there. Not that we don't have them in our files, but that would stink to lose people's comments and such. I probably would not reload most of them again. It's weird how we've gotten so used to just jumping on there once in a while and checking out what's going on in the lives of about 300 of our friends and family! Now people could be getting engaged, having babies, and other big events and we have no idea!!!
But at the end of the day, probably nothing major will happen. We'll realize we really didn't miss that much and taking a break from it is probably a good thing!
(But in case something big does happen, facebook friends...let us know!! :)
At least we still have the blogging world!

Tuesday, November 4

Church Baby Shower

Our church, Cornerstone Bible Church, was kind enough to throw me my first baby shower on monday evening. What a blessing it was to our family and we are so thankful for everyone's kindness and generosity to us.
Thanks to Joyce who makes these amazing "diaper cakes".

the neat thing about having these little ones there is that I remember each of their baby showers when they were still in the womb, and now I get to see their moms raising and teaching them.

baby Eli, Cole, Shiloh, and baby Gioia

Becca brought us a word of edification which was so good. She challenged us to remember that first of all we must always...

Love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, and mind.

My favorite part of the shower was taking time to pray for baby Graham.

special thanks to Joelle for being the "present sorter" and Alison for writing everything down for me!

uh, oh, I probably shouldn't have started naming names. There are too many to thank, but I'll try a few. Thanks also to Holly & Ruth for the fun games! Thanks Holly for taking all the pics! (Except that you didn't end up being in any of them, I'm sure you're happy :)
Thanks Debbi for opening up your home, thanks Becca for...everything! Thanks Mary Jean for the beautiful cake and to everyone who brought goodies. And thanks to each and every person who was able to come, you are all so special to us!

Graham's first messy room where all the gifts got dumped!
Tuesday was a fun day where I actually got to sort through them all and enjoy all over again! Please indulge in these pics especially for our families to see!

can't get enough of the little shoes!
love these little leather moccasins!
his wardrobe is growing!
baskets of goodies...
toys, books, and bath products.
rocking corner, ready to go!

so excited about my new diaper bag.
my favorite part of today was packing it :) hey , he could come early.

his room theme is polka dots/circles...and now we finally have some!
this is his changing pad cover.
this blanket is part of his bedding collection - love it!
his first little jacket, ready to go outside and play!
Again, thank you to each one who had a part in this. Graham is a very blessed little boy!

Monday, November 3

Saturday was a beautiful day! We took advantage of being able to spend some time outdoors.
It was quite the competition...we'll just say Andrew won a dollar. :)

Sunday night was our church's annual Fall Festival held at the Hunt Club Farm. We love this event! great fellowship, great food, great weather, funny was fun!

we love our church family!!

and love those s'mores!

Preggers Update...

If you have been watching the "ticker" you will notice that this week I have officially entered my 3rd trimester, 27 weeks! It is hard to believe that I'm in stage 3 of 3! But it is also hard to believe that we still have to wait 3 months until we meet our little guy! He seems like so much a part of our world already. I'm definitely packing on the lbs. now...but it's for a good cause! I am still rejoicing every day that I am pain-free from the sciatica and so thankful I have not have any repeats of that. I am feelin' good and lookin' large. :~)