Monday, September 24

my new best friend

After trying to fit in running in the evenings this summer (and finding it very challenging), I knew without a double jogger (so I could run with my kiddos) my fitness goals were going to be very hard to meet. I began praying that God would allow me to find one in a great price range. These seem to be hot commodities, so even on Craig's list the good ones go very fast or were listed at much more than I wanted to pay. A couple weeks ago I went to one of those huge area consignment sales and headed straight to the stroller section. There, before my very eyes, was the exact type of stroller I was looking for. At literally less than half the price of any I had seen, even on Craig's list.
Thank you, God.
It has been so great to have. It is very easy to push & maneuver, even with 65+ lbs. of children in it. :)  We have gone on several family runs together with the 4 of us and had so much fun. Graham will get out and sprint for about 20 feet and then hop back in "I'm exhausted...".  :)
My kids now ask me every day if we can go for a run.
Talk about a little motivation. :) 
I am also able to meet my friend Bethany one morning a week and run with her.  
So thankful for how God provides & cares for every aspect of our lives!
{ The North Shore is definitely my favorite place to run. }

Thursday, September 20

family favorites

Recently we spent a loooong rainy day inside. Lots of games, crafts, baking, and playtime. At 5pm, as we were playing another game of Connect Four, I had one eye on the clock waiting for the Mister to get home. I figured Graham was probably thinking when will this day be over as well.
Instead he puts his arm around me and says, I just love playing games with you. This was a great day, wasn't it?
I was clearly reminded that my kids favorite thing is my attention & love.  And they have no greater joy. Those days may feel long sometimes, but they are precious and I relish them as these fleeting days are so quickly gone.
Even if it means playing Go Fish, again. ( smile ) .

 You've all been there, right?
 Graham made us use the bungy cord as a seat belt.
Yes, it's safety first for my firstborn. :)
I { heart } my family.

Wednesday, September 19

A week away (aka vacay)

We had a great week in Whitakers, NC with Andrew's parents.
In a town of 500 you don't have many options except to relax. :)
G & E adored the time with their Mama & Papa.

3 gens of Hughes men

I didn't even realize until seeing it on facebook that G was in this pic too. :)
 They borrowed this waterslide from a friend, it was hours of fun!
Although Eden preferred something a little more her size. :)

This little chair was passed on to them from their cousins, they love it.
 The children's Museum was hard work!

Her stethoscope is ready, if needed.

 Taking advantage of willing babysitters - we got a date night.
We ate at this delicious Mexican place.
 Did I mention relaxing?
Andrew decided to whip dinner together and between the glazed pork chops, spiced corn and apples in cinnamon & butter, Graham declared he should cook more often.
I concur.
Heartily. :)

Thankful for the time to refresh & relax - it was a lovely week!

Friday, September 7

to the beach

We had a great weekend in VB. We loved staying in "our" old house....seems forever ago that this view was our backyard. :) It was so great to be with the Joyces and spend time with some very good friends there from our seminary days.
 Do you see a little passenger? That's one way to get 'em to the beach. :)
 Works far better than a stroller, I tell ya.
 Noah & Marshall have grown & changed so much in the last year! But they were still the same sweet kids who freely shared all their stuff and were so sweet to G & E. Graham had the best time with them. He also decided to call Marshall "Josh" all weekend......because "he likes it".  And get other kids to as well. Did I mention they were such good sports?

We hope the beach is in our future next summer as well! :)