Saturday, July 5

Happy 4th of July

We had a really great 4th! We went to a cook-out hosted by some friends in our church and had a great time - thanks Ian & Joelle! The bbq ribs were amazing!!! In the evening we headed to the beachfront (our soon-to-be very own beachfront :) and watched the fireworks. I've never watched fireworks at the beach and the waves were quite amazing background music!

some intense discussion going on?

BLONGO ball - never heard of it, but the guys seemed to enjoy it!

the 2 prego mamas were pitted against the others. and yes, we DID win, didn't we Carm? :)

not bad for preggers, right?
some very good eatseveryone looks so patriotic!
at the beach - the kids wore glowsticks so their parents could easily track them. brilliant, right?!
in the middle - our hosts Ian & Joelle, along with our friends Wes & Katie.
such a fun day - thanks guys!
the Joyce's. this is the family whose home we will be renting this next year. We are excited to move, but we are going to miss them so much and are so sad to see them leave.
We are proud to be Americans! Happy Independence Day!

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