Wednesday, December 16

An early Christmas in [freezing] Minnesota...

There are too many pictures and stories to tell from our week in MN...! I'll just have to hit a few highlights and the rest of the pics can be viewed on facebook.
On 2 of our 4 flights, we got an empty seat for gman, which was soooooo nice! He did very good despite one canceled flight and an hour sit on a runway! Managed to take a few cat naps when he needed them. VERY thankful for babywise, because his little body is so programmed to his schedule, that he still fell asleep when he needed to!

It was a beautiful winter scene and the temp. was around ZERO most of the week! We happily stayed inside. :)

graham was forced into layers of clothing a lot which he HATES!
but I think he looks cute!

watching the Christmas parade from the skyway with my nieces, nephew, sister, and sister-in-law!

love downtown Minneapolis!

graham had lots of extra good care and fun with his cousins!

and extra love from his aunts & uncles!

enjoying his first Christmas experience!

loved spending time with my SIL, mom, & sister!

missing two brothers for this shot...we can never quite get everyone together!

And this is how we all felt when we arrived home....!
It was a wonderful week though and thank you to each family member who went out of their way to make the week special!

The rest of the pics can be viewed here.


Anonymous said...

These are great pictures Kelly! I'm so jealous you got to enjoy some snow, even if it was 0 degrees--yikes! Graham is so adorable--I just love the picture of him clapping. Have a merry Christmas!

JordanandSue said...

That looks like a great trip. There's nothing like frigid weather for Christmas celebrations! :) Thank you, Minnesota :)