Thursday, August 7

first company

Andrew's parents came to check out our new digs this weekend. They liked it so much they are coming back for a weekend when we won't even be here. :) We're thankful they get a chance to enjoy the house as much as us! We had a very fun weekend!

we are loving eating on our deck almost every night!
taking in the boardwalk in true tourist style!


the Albino Bowler said...

Hey guys. It's nice to see you following my blog. I'm trying to write a traveler's tale in a virtual environment, so the feedback is quite helpful for giving some fuel to the experiment. I like that bike. That is serious. I hope it's not like beach volleyball when you only have one or two good people on the court. Does "dead weight" ring a bell? How's the beach this time of year?

the johnson crew said...

kelly, your place looks awesome! are all 3 floors yours?