Monday, August 25

So we've made it to 17 weeks and as the song says..."I'm feeling good" :)

So...experienced mothers out there - am I carrying low or high and what's your best guess?


Kristin said...

I'm not an experienced mother, but I've guessed many correctly. I think you are low and will have a boy. You are so tiny; you look great!!

Sean and Charis said...

You do seem to be carrying low. However, you have such a glow about you... I think it's a girl!

the johnson crew said...

of course you are carrying low (at this point your baby is still below your belly button...) yes you do look great. (i think i gained 30 lbs by the time i was at 17 weeks - yikes.) - i have no idea what you are having, so i'll guess girl, but i have no reason.

we had no idea what we were having, but towards the end jason was convinced it was a boy and i was guessing boy based on his movements and "personality" in there. and when i was in labor i kept calling him a "he" but really didn't know.

i can't wait to find out what you are having! i'm glad you are finding out!