Monday, December 7


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Lucky #13!!!
Update...congrats winner Jill Miller! of course I know who you are! :)
Enjoy your gifts!
This comment was left by "Coach"...
Hey Kelly :) I enjoy reading your blog!
Happy birthday! I saw momma kissing santa clause.

and I have no idea who this is! It doesn't let me see a blogger profile, but I am assuming I know you....! So, contact me very soon!!!!
You have won a Christmas ornament for your tree...
Bath & Body works lotion & anti-bac for your hands...
a candle for your home...
and Lancome Cell Defense (ok, I don't know what that does!) and Eos Lip Balm for your face.
And to keep you cozy..which color choice of Old Navy scarf would you like?
BIG CONFESSION...I said you would have 5 color options.....but I already gave 2 away for gifts. So sorry about that!

Thank you everyone for entering! I had fun reading your entries and as soon as I have a spare second (ok, that might be january) will try to add some of your songs to my list!
Thank you, BIL Joel, but unfortunately "I want a hippopotamus for Christmas" is not going to make the cut. :)
AND WHY DID MY HUSBAND ENTER THIS GIVEAWAY???!! (don't worry, I would have picked a new winner.)
Thanks for entering!

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Unknown said...

Hey Kelly, It's Jill Miller. Your Brother-in-law's sister-in-law. :) We played volleyball together at Northland and you were my first KEY's partner. It made my day that I won! I would like the striped scarf please. Thank you for all of the gifts! I'll look forward to receiving them. My address is 6664 Glenrose Lane, Maumee, OH 43537. We'll be driving right through Pittsburgh on our way to see Laura and Joel at Christmas! "Coach" is paul's ID. Sorry about that!