Monday, August 1


Last weekend, some friends of ours that we have known since college, made Pittsburgh their meeting spot. We were happy to see them and hang out with them for the weekend!

One minor point, as with the rest of the country, we were facing record high temps. On friday I believe it hit 105 + humidity. And that's when our neighborhood tranformer blew. So we proceeded to be without power, lights, fans, a/c, etc....for about 20 hours. It was so hot. My poor kiddos were covered in sweat when they were sleeping. Not what you want to happen, especially when you have guests. :-/ We made it though and it finally came back on!

Graham had so much fun with Brynne.
It's hard to s.h.a.r.e. when you're two.
But most of the time they had lots of fun!

I wasn't one itty.bitty.bit. desiring to be in their state. :)
They were troopers!
We all played volleyball in college together.
This reminds me why I played back row and they played front. =)

So Graham was allowed to go without many clothes for much of the weekend because it was so hot. I am sure we looked like total hippy parents. I promise, he usually does wear clothes. :)
We came home from church on Sunday and were having one last meal before they all left. Somehow G ended up in just his tighty whiteys. (Does anyone else get distracted when you have company and feel like you don't know what your child is really doing?!)
 Then as we were saying goodbye on the front porch, he suddenly drops those and starts peeing in our front yard. Yep, one of our most embarrassing parent moments to date.
Did I mention we were hippies? =)  
I can only hope Brynne is not scarred for life.

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