Friday, August 5

We have so enjoyed a lovely week with my sister Katie!
We made lots of yummy meals {chicken stir-fry, tomato soup with cheesy quesadillas, homemade pizza, shimp-mango kabobs with taboule salad, beef stroganoff, fettuccine with ricotta, tomato, & basil, whole-wheat buttermilk blueberry pancakes} and goodies {scones, granola bars, chocolate chip cookies - did you know you could sub avacado for 1/2 the butter in cookies and they taste the same?!} I may have done a lot of cooking, but she was always right behind me doing the dishes. Loved that. :) We went to the Zoo, the park, took walks, Rita's, Dairy Queen.........and just enjoyed spending time together! She also was so generous in watching the kids so I was able to take Graham to see the movie Wizard of Oz, Andrew & I snuck in a date night, and I got to have coffee with a dear friend.
Yes, I'd say it was a very full week. =)
As always, she had her camera a'snappin!

His first band-aid - it's hard to believe he made it 2.5 years!

We call this her scrunch-smile.
She snapped some family pics for us as well!

Thank you for making the trip to see us!
We love you, dear sister.
& miss, miss, miss you so much when we're apart.


Kimmay said...

just to let you know... the family pictures are soooo beautiful!!!!!! i love them!

kellyH said...

thank you Kim! have we met somewhere that I have forgotten? =) thanks for stopping by!

jeileenbaylor said...

Gorgeous pictures! And I totally know that aching feeling being away from your sister :( hugs!